this is more of a walkaround, until google docs fixes the ability to edit docs on an iPad, online (only google spreadsheets can be edited on the iPad/iPhone at this time). but here’s a free, simple word processor for iPad:


It’s not really a full blown word editor, more like a text editor,  but if you need to type a simple text document on your spanking brand new iPad for free and upload it to google docs  … this is it (you can’t go back and edit your existing google documents).

Here are paid alternatvies (iPhone apps):

Documents To Go® Premium – $14.99

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite 3.0 – $14.99

Document to go 3.1 – $9,99 (supports word & excel documents)

And finally, Connect is a nice, free iPad app, but it only allows you to view google docs


[update: and the winner is Office2 HD – $7.99 can edit word & excel, but also google docs – full review here]

[update: zosh – iPhone app looks promising too – $2.99 ]