here’s an easy way to change your default iPad password once you jailbreak it.but since mobile terminal cydia application is not yet supported, the only way you can do it now is via OpenSSH.

When you jailbreak, the filesystem’s password is set to the common password “alpine” As people usually don’t bother changing this password after performing a jailbreak, it’s really easy for hackers to get access to any jailbroken iPad on a public network. Changing the password is quick and easy — after the jump is a tutorial showing how to change the SSH password.


  • install OpenSSH on Cydia, on your jailbroken iPad / reboot
  • find out what’s your iPad’s ip address (sbsettings displays it or settings / general / about)
  • on you mac go to terminal application, type the following:
  • ssh root@ip address of iPad (eg. “ssh root@”)
    [you might see an message warning you it’s dangerous to get root access, etc, just type “yes” and press enter]
  • “passwd” – type in your new password twice / remember new pass! 🙂

vu a la – you’re done and your iPad is no longer exposed to viruses & hacks