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[warning: perform this mod at your own risk – see disclaimer below]

  1. you’ll need to jailbreak your iPad via [go to for detailed instructions] [don’t forget to change your default password on your iPad]
    once you’re done, you should see “cydia” app on your iPad (don’t worry if your iPad becomes an iPhone for a min – all you have to do is respring)
  2. install iMobileCinema, but since its’ development has been paused, use this repository instead of (which is dead. if you have added this repo & have issues w/ cydia click here):
    – cydia / add sources –
    [not a verified cydia repo – make sure you change your default password via SSH]
    – now in cydia you can search for “imobilecinema” / install
  3. restart your iPad & here you go. certain websites like will now have flash videos enabled (once the page loads, it takes another 10-15 sec for the video links to show up)

[disclaimer: this method will only enable some .flv videos in Safari on your iPad. won’t work with .swf, so sites like hulu, lala, hype machine, etc will not work with this hack]

[update: here’s one of ways to watch hulu on your iPad, by downloading it first on your computer – then using Air Wave]

you don’t have to convert any of your movies, tv shows or other music videos to watch them on you iPad. if your computer / mac is on, you can now stream all your videos directly without having to convert them from avi, quicktime, mkv.

– this brilliant Air Video app for iPad  does the conversion, on the fly, for you.

all you need is to download and install application for your computer / mac & ipad of course. by far the best app of this kind i’ve used (if you’ve streamed via wifi network, you’ll know there’s always a problem. not with this app).

the free version is limited to 4 files, but it displays files randomly. just go in & out of a directory to see one you want. $2.99 to remove this annoyance. it even works of a CD / DVD!

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[update – check out a tested solution to watching flash videos on an iPad] 🙂

no flash??? how do i watch hulu on an iPad? how to watch lost on an iPad? how to watch South Park on an iPad?

  1. jailbreak

    1. YES, iPad has been successfully jailbroken. detailed instructions coming soon

  2. install iMobileCinema via cydia /sources

  3. vu a la!