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How to Facebook chat on an ipad

Ok, bit redundant. But since Facebook chat was removed recently from / doesn’t work on, on iPad, here are some free IM apps / alternatives:

eBuddy (iPhone app) with notifications for up to 1/2h
fring … i’ve used this app on iPhone & the newest version does not log you out automatically, but the interface … confusing
– TwittDeck – you can actually plug in your FB on it ? – nope, only on iPhone version
FB iPhone app has chat on it

no flash on iPad means you can’t play your favorite facbook games?

yes you can, here are most popular facebook games available for iPad as an application:

[update 2011/9] this great new iPad app – iSWiFter – will let you play most of flash games out there (facebook, etc). use it instead of safari & vu a la!

Games that are very similar to:

We still couldn’t find replacement for the following games:
[please submit via comments, if you know of worthy alternatives]

  • CafeWorld, FishVille, Pet Society, PetVille, Happy Aquarium, Restaurant City,

Other Facebook games available on iPad (as iPhone apps):

unfortunately iPad facebook app does not let you bookmark links with your friends of websites / articles you’re currently checking out

well, it’s very easy:

1) drag this placeholder – share on facebook – to your bookmarks
[in safari, preferably in the same folder, where your often checked pages are located. e.g. i have a “news” folder &  placed “book fb” under “other news” sub folder]

2) sync your safari bookmarks with your ipad

  1. when you would like to share a page with your friends on facebook, click the book symbol on the top of your screen
  2. chose “share on facebook” bookmark
    [wherever you’ve placed it in safari]
  3. you’ll see a facebook login page
  4. type your comments away & click “share”!