a guide on how to download and install, cracked applications & cracked games for an iPad without paying for them. [as usual do at your own risk]

  1. yes, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPad via spirit [detailed instructions] [don’t forget to change your default password on your iPad]
    once you’re done, you should see “cydia” app on your iPad (don’t worry if your iPad becomes an iPhone for a min – all you have to do is respring)
  2. in cydia app, search for “AppSync for OS3.2” (paid app … so, if you don’t mind stealing those apps, from those developers:
    Goto: Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add > sinfuliphonerepo.com

    It will add a sinful repository – once done, in the search result on cydia – you will now see apps  with sinful logo listed as well – their versions of apps are cracked & free)
    [some pipl suggest you download a free app from iTunes on your computer & iPad … ]

  3. so where do you download cracked iPad games & apps from?
    surprisingly not much on torrent sites yet. for a list of basic paid apps that are cracked and free, check out MCP Exclusive. there, you’ll find free version of pages, numbers (iWorks for iPad), angry birds HD, command & conquer, flight control HD, NFS Shift, Tetris HD, Weather HD, etc, etc
    if you can’t find what you looking for on MCP, check out filestube.com (nice rapidshare search engine)
    – when you search add “ipa” to the search (e.g. “goodreader ipa“)
  4. once you download the ipa file, all you need to do is drag it to iTunes & sync your iPad – vu a la, enjoy your hacked iPad app / game for FREE!

[if you’re getting “the item you’ve requested is not currently available in the us store” error in iTunes after you install an app or a game on your jailbroken iPad / iPhone. it means you have downloaded an international version of a cracked ipa app or game. once you sync & app / game is on your iPad. delete that ipa file from your iTunes / restart iTunes & it will fix this problem]

[if you’re getting  0xE8008001 Error When Trying to Sync …
means you haven’t followed above instructions & made a mistake of moving MobileInstallation manually to your iPad / iPhone via SSH … OLD way of doing things. it worked for os 2.0, won’t work on 3.0 +]
Post image of 0xE8008001 Error When Trying to Sync… fix