you don’t have to convert any of your movies, tv shows or other music videos to watch them on you iPad. if your computer / mac is on, you can now stream all your videos directly without having to convert them from avi, quicktime, mkv.

– this brilliant Air Video app for iPad  does the conversion, on the fly, for you.

all you need is to download and install application for your computer / mac & ipad of course. by far the best app of this kind i’ve used (if you’ve streamed via wifi network, you’ll know there’s always a problem. not with this app).

the free version is limited to 4 files, but it displays files randomly. just go in & out of a directory to see one you want. $2.99 to remove this annoyance. it even works of a CD / DVD!

How about watching online video on an iPad? Here’s a list of popular websites that support iPad video:

  • YouTube
    You can use YouTube app to watch HTML5 videos from youtube. And you can use HTML5 version of YouTube.
  • CNN
    When you’re browsing on iPad, the site automatically displays an HTML5 video player, providing you with the best possible viewing experience.
  • BBC News
    You can use BBC News app to watch news videos from BBC
  • Reuters
    An HTML5 video player on lets you view most of the site’s video content on iPad.
  • New York Times
    The HTML5 video player on the home page displays video in a format viewable on iPad.
  • Vimeo
    The popular video-sharing site features an HTML5 player that displays most videos on iPad.
  • Time
    The 24/7 news site features an HTML5 video player for viewing recently published video.
  • ESPN
    ESPN uses HTML5 to play audio and video for fans browsing on iPad. Site navigation and live scoring have also been optimized for the iPad Multi-Touch display.
  • Major League Baseball features a browsing experience optimized for iPad, providing fans with live baseball action at their fingertips.
  • Netflix
    The iPad-optimized version of makes it easy to browse movies and add them to your queue. Video plays via the free Netflix app, available on the App Store.
  • NPR
    NPR’s website,, incorporates an HTML5 audio player and embedded HTML5 video for iPad.
  • National Hockey League detects when you’re browsing the site on iPad and displays optimized content, including recently published video.
  • The White House is a largely standards-based site that displays video using the HTML5 video tag.
  • Sports Illustrated
    Recent video features on are displayed via an HTML5 player compatible with iPad.
  • Flickr
    Flickr now displays video via an iPad-compatible HTML5 player.
  • People Magazine
    An HTML5 video player on displays video in iPad-viewable format.
  • TED is completely optimized for iPad, displaying video, comments, ratings, and more.
  • CBS
    Watch clips from your favorite shows as well as recent full TV episodes of “Survivor” on the HTML5-enabled, iPad-friendly
  • Spin features a browsing experience optimized for iPad, providing music fans with the latest live performances and backstage coverage of their favorite bands.
  • National Geographic
    Watch National Geographic videos on your iPad using the new HTML5 player at
  • ABC
    Play ABC videos with via the ABC Player app, available on the App Store.